UPDATED: JULY 26, 2014

For reasons I'm not going to get into, I'm taking my website in a different direction. It will no longer archive all of my previous work, and will instead be periodically updated with a "Forward to the Past" feature, which will include a link to the audio for one of my previous Doses or Supplements (features like "Musical Autopsy" or "Advice No One Asked For" that aren't a part of my regular "A Dose of Buckley" numbered series) and a short behind-the-scenes story about it.




When I first started A Dose of Buckley, I had envisioned that it would be an audio-only project for the most part, and YouTube would essentially be an advertisement for my website. I'd make a new video maybe once a month or so, and people would watch it and then come over to the site to view my weekly updates. That didn't quite happen. SO, there is a lot of content that I made in the early years that has never been turned into YouTube videos. One of the most searched for episodes is my Dose about Kristen Stewart. I've never posted it on YouTube, but I've used clips from it in a video or two.

So here's the premise... in the summer of 2010, she did an interview where she said that having her picture taken felt similar to being raped. This Dose was by far my darkest at the time, dark enough that I felt a warning was appropriate (the first and probably only time I've ever used one), because describing what rape actually is in detail can potentially set off PTSD in rape victims. It's fairly necessary though to get across the point that Kristen Stewart is an overly dramatic idiot.

This Dose also features the original intro voice of my ex-girlfriend, and it's very clear that my delivery hasn't quite evolved to where it is now. I'm happy with my writing in these early editions, but in my opinion, my overall performance was not as good as it is now. I'd like to say I'm my harshest critic, but I've never called myself a homophobic slur and wished death upon myself, so that title still goes to the people who comment on my Worst Songs videos.