For reasons I'm not going to get into, I'm taking my website in a different direction. It will no longer archive all of my previous work, and will instead be periodically updated with a "Forward to the Past" feature, which will include a link to the audio for one of my previous Doses or Supplements (features like "Musical Autopsy" or "Advice No One Asked For" that aren't a part of my regular "A Dose of Buckley" numbered series) and a short behind-the-scenes story about it.


A DOSE OF BUCKLEY #40 - TSA (Transportation Security Administration)


Ahh, Americans. Whenever you change something that may momentarily inconvenience them, they love to shout about how their rights have been infringed. In 2010, The TSA (Transportation Security Administration) added some new rules and equipment to major airports that potentially resulted in some patdowns in people's "special areas", and scanners that allowed the operators to see passengers naked. This angered American travellers who felt that they shouldn't have to be subject to such humiliation, which in turn angered me since I feel that the solution is simple: if you don't like it, don't travel. This Dose is from December, 2010, created at a time when I still saw my website as the main hub for A Dose of Buckley and YouTube as just an advertisement to get people to come to it. It's short (my original plan was to keep them around 2 and a half minutes long or less... I gave that plan up a couple years ago) and contains the old trademark "intro" (though a shortened version of it, by this point I wasn't always including a joke). It also includes a mistake that I believe I've made twice. In this clip, I say "I could care less", which... technically I'm sure is true, I COULD care an even lesser amount about many things than I do currently, but the proper saying is "I couldn't care less".


Note: for some reason I can't embed this right now, Soundcloud keeps linking to the wrong clip, so here's a direct link:
A Dose of Buckley #40 - TSA