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06/16/2013 Nothing wrong with wishing for the "good ol' days"... except when you're still living them. Buckley discusses the recent trend of people in their mid 20's or younger being nostalgic for things and times that haven't even had a chance to be forgotten. 6m05s N/A
06/09/2013 If you've been living in a cave, you may not have heard that India isn't the safest place for women (in fact, it's the 4th most dangerous). If that's not enough of a reason, Buckley further explains why you shouldn't visit India. 7m13s N/A
06/02/2013 News about Amanda Bynes has been inescapable over the last month, forcing Buckley to do a Dose about her in the hopes that we'll ignore this behavior from washed up celebrities in the future. 6m06s N/A
05/05/2013 Sure, you COULD go and buy a gun, but why bother when you can make your own from home?! It's not some shitty Pinterest paper-craft project, it's Defense Distributed's experiment to see if they could create a real, working gun using a 3D printer. The real question though is... SHOULD they? 6m41s N/A
04/21/2013 One of the more popular questions Buckley gets ("what do you think about marijuana!?") is finally answered, as he takes on 4/20, the annual marijuana holiday. 7m11s N/A
04/14/2013 Ever wonder why those "type 1 into the comments box" pictures don't do anything? Oh they do something alright... they make you look like an idiot while companies reap the benefits of their lazy viral marketing campaign. 6m02s N/A
04/07/2013 Jocks and nerds have been at odds for as long as they've existed. But why? Buckley suggests that they might have a lot more in common than you'd think... 5m57s N/A
03/24/2013 Easter, a time to mourn the death and celebrate the resurrection of Christ by eating ham and chocolate eggs. Wait, what? 5m10s N/A
03/17/2013 Buckley has never liked EA, and here's just another good reason to hate them: the way they mishandled the launch of the new SimCity game. 6m37s N/A
02/25/2013 The Onion, for the first time in its 25 year history, apologized for a joke it made. Are people too sensitive? Why should comedians have to apologize? Buckley's views on saying "sorry". 4m26s N/A
02/24/2013 Billboard changed its formula for determining hit songs, factoring American viewing data from YouTube into the calculations for determining the rankings on the Billboard Hot 100. Purists say this will ruin the Hot 100 forever. Really... 7m23s N/A
02/17/2013 The Harlem Shake, the Internet's latest flavour of the week that once again exposes that there's no creativity left in the world, and that everyone wants to be famous without actually having to earn it. 3m44s N/A
02/11/2013 A lesson about respect from Professor Buckley, with criminal/viral video star Penelope Soto as the example of what NOT to do. Ever. 8m23s N/A
01/27/2013 College Football star Manti Te'o made national headlines this week. Not because he did something spectacular while playing Football... but because it turns out the girl he was "dating" online didn't exist. 4m17s N/A
01/14/2013 The NHL makes its return this month, and hockey fans feel they're "owed" something for being made to wait. Surprise, surprise, Buckley feels differently. 5m49s N/A
01/13/2013 #CutForBieber was a trend on Twitter earlier in the week, so Buckley revisits the subject of Twitter and why things trend (and also how gullible the Internet has become). 3m10s N/A
01/07/2013 Buckley decides to alienate half his audience with his 100th Dose of Buckley, a rant about music fans. 8m05s N/A
11/25/2012 GSP's win at UFC 154 inspired this rant about the pointlessness of nationalism in sports. 4m13s N/A
11/18/2012 As if Buckley didn't have enough reasons to hate Unions... they may have brought about the death of Twinkies! 4m22s N/A
11/04/2012 After a recent experience in which Buckley saw a kid taking technology for granted, he couldn't help but ask the question "why does this happen?"... but does he have an answer? 3m49s N/A
10/29/2012 It was bound to happen, now Buckley's ranting about how much he hates the website he posts his videos on! 3m55s N/A
10/15/2012 It's almost Halloween (if the constant TV commercials for horror movies and the return of horror themed TV shows didn't give it away), which means it's time for the kids to dress up and get free candy, and for the "big kids" to go ruin it for them. However, Buckley has a plan to put an end to that... 3m09s N/A
09/23/2012 Psy's "Gangnam Style" is a smash hit around the world, including North America... but WHY!? Since when do Americans care about anything that's Asian that isn't immediately followed by the word "porn"? 4m36s N/A
09/17/2012 Jehovah's Witnesses shouldn't leave their literature lying around... Buckley will mock it! Apparently, they feel gay marriage is as bad as kids in Africa starving! 3m54s N/A
09/10/2012 Kim Kardashian has made a career out of making herself look stupid, but this time she's doing it for free in an interview with the Guardian, where she compares her feelings to those of an 18 year old cancer patient. 4m21s N/A
09/10/2012 Todd Akin is running for the US Senate, and recently came under a lot of fire from both sides over his use of the term "legitimate rape". So what did he REALLY mean? Buckley explains. 3m59s N/A
08/20/2012 McDonalds seems to be trying to change their image... but can they? Or rather... should they? Do people who wear scarves and only buy music on vinyl really want to sit and have a coffee at McDonalds? 3m14s N/A
08/13/2012 Canada didn't do so well at the Summer Olympics. Not a huge surprise, but disappointing considering the country spent a lot more money this year. 4m41s N/A
08/06/2012 So, remember that baseball team Buckley discussed back in November, "The London Rippers"? Yeah... they failed. 4m31s N/A
07/27/2012 Buckley shares his anger from 2007 when the London 2012 Olympic Logo was originally unveiled, with a price tag that would make the Queen clutch her purse. 3m39s N/A
07/23/2012 The tragedy that was the Theatre Massacre in Aurora, CO was immediately called a conspiracy by the tinfoil hat wearing nutjobs at NaturalNews. 6m48s N/A
07/09/2012 "You Only Live Once". Great words to live by, if you're not an idiot. Unfortunately,"YOLO" has become an excuse for acting like an asshole. 4m11s N/A
06/26/2012 The local news believes that the opening of an Apple Store is actually news, and not a commercial. Buckley makes an Edward R Murrow joke, but it's unlikely these "journalists" even know who he was. 3m23s N/A
06/14/2012 Floyd "Money" Mayweather's request to serve his jail time in the comfort of his own home has been denied. Poor celebrities, being treated so unfairly... 3m29s N/A
06/01/2012 Buckley shares his thoughts on requests (Here's a spoiler: he hates them). 3m39s N/A
05/29/2012 Why is it that everyone on Twitter thinks they should be famous? 3m16s N/A
05/22/2012 Greyhound beheader Vince Li is being granted supervised visits into the community. Buckley thinks he should be getting a supervised visit to the electric chair. 3m40s N/A
05/14/2012 We've all had a good laugh at the garbage Viral Videos that routinely end up being shared with us, there's someone else laughing harder... (featuring "Hot Problems") 3m11s N/A
05/03/2012 The death of Trayvon Martin has brought the "Stand Your Ground" laws of Florida into question... a little too late if you ask Buckley. 3m32s N/A
04/06/2012 Recently, Buckley was told that Google's "Project Glass" is a great advancement in technology... but is it? Is it really? 3m36s N/A
03/20/2012 St. Patrick's Day... a time for getting together with friends and having good ol' fashion fun, like blowing up a news van and smashing cop cars. Wait, that's not how your city celebrates it? Well it's apparently how London, Ontario does! 4m47s N/A
03/15/2012 Buckley has received a number of requests to talk about Dubstep... for some of you, this might fall under the category of "be careful what you wish for". 4m40s N/A
03/09/2012 The government of Canada has decided to create an awareness campaign about a very serious issue... apparently. Buckley's tax dollars went to creating this, the least they could have done is let him write and voice it! 3m54s N/A
02/16/2012 Buckley finds a way to save you some money... if you don't mind being a liar. 2m35s
02/14/2012 This year's Grammy award winners seemed a little more artistic than last year... or were they? 2m47s N/A
02/03/2012 Buckley predicts that the winners of this year's Super Bowl will be... the Advertisers. 3m27s N/A
01/30/2012 The "Stop Online Piracy Act" and "Protect IP Act" bills have been delayed... for now. Buckley offers a different theory as to why that happened. 3m52s N/A
01/24/2012 Buckley commits Canadian Treason by speaking ill of the nation's most prestigious instituion: Tim Hortons coffee shops. 3m12s N/A
01/06/2012 Buckley is not a fan of movie remakes, specifically "Western Adaptations". 4m08s N/A
12/05/2011 Buckley doesn't believe in karma (among other things). 2m33s N/A
12/02/2011 Buckley has no plans to tell his children about jolly ol' Saint Nick. Why? Because he doesn't like lying to children! 2m22s N/A
11/25/2011 Why is it ok to act like a douchebag towards women if you're attractive, but if you're unattractive and you just want to start a pleasant conversation, you're creepy? Buckley discusses double standards. 3m21s N/A
11/18/2011 A new baseball team starts playing in London in the spring of 2012, and whiny locals are complaining about the name: The London Rippers. 3m23s N/A
11/04/2011 Buckley gets annoyed with people who participate in Movember for the wrong reasons. 2m02s N/A
10/21/2011 Buckley defines the word "Hippy-crite", with the Occupy Wall Street protestors making great examples. 3m55s N/A
10/14/2011 Buckley's sick of hearing fanboys fight about their favourite product. The winners: the companies that profit off your stupidity. 2m58s N/A
09/27/2011 Buckley's illness has inspired him to give you his three-part system to not acting like an 11 year old girl when you're sick. 2m32s N/A
09/22/2011 Are you upset that Facebook made changes this week? If so, there's a good chance you have no concept of what's actually of importance in life. 4m18s N/A
09/16/2011 Scarlett Johansson joins several other celebrities who've had pics taken from their phones and plastered online. Don't you think famous people would learn eventually? 3m42s N/A
09/11/2011 Would Buckley dare question whether or not people TRULY care about 9/11? Yes he would... 5m17s N/A
08/25/2011 Buckley wonders angrily why people molested as children end up getting rich. 3m05s N/A
08/12/2011 What do Planking and the London Riots have in common? Buckley talks about both. That's pretty much it. 3m23s N/A
07/28/2011 Sure, the Internet has made it easier than ever for musicians to share their talents... but what happens when the "musicians" don't actually have "talent"? 5m38s N/A
07/20/2011 Buckley isn't racist, he hates everyone who creates/performs rap dances equally, regardless of race or creed. 5m26s N/A
06/24/2011 As Ricky Gervais (playing "David Brent") once said... "how can I have a problem with women? My mom's one!" A rant about the headgames women play to get what they want. 4m25s N/A
06/17/2011 Football player David Tyree does not support gay marriage. He only supports playing with balls as long as it's on a field in front of a lot of cameras. 3m54s N/A
06/09/2011 Canada Post's union wants to go on strike, because their overpaid workers apparently feel they're not overpaid enough. 3m15s N/A
06/03/2011 Mark Zuckerberg has taken to murdering innocent animals to sustain his own life. Apparently this is controversial, if you're a complete idiot. 2m31s N/A
05/06/2011 Gas prices continue to rise with no cap in sight... isn't there some way to stop the madness?! Buckley can't help, but he knows someone who could... 2m46s
04/26/2011 Canada's having another election, because apparently every 4 years isn't good enough anymore, now we need to have one every 2-3 years. 4m03s N/A
04/18/2011 France has outlawed the act of covering your face in public. What does this mean for Muslim women who wear Burqas? It means that it's illegal to look like a repressed Muslim woman in public anymore. 2m38s N/A
04/04/2011 Buckley talks about the "Slutwalk", and asks the question, "are there acceptable ways to talk about rape prevention if people are just going to say that by suggesting ways to protect themselves, you're blaming them for being raped?" 5m21s N/A
03/21/2011 Is Rebecca Black's "Friday" really any worse than the rest of the pop songs that are released these days? Buckley thinks not, and provides audio-visual proof. 6m10s N/A
03/15/2011 Buckley is attempting to scrub the YouTube comments section of stupid "thumbs up if" comments, as well as some of the other stupid trends that plagues the video site. 2m33s
02/14/2011 Buckley is confused by the Grammys. What exactly are they rewarding? Talent or sales? Do they even know? 3m47s
01/31/2011 Professor Buckley explains how to say what you want about someone and not get in any legal trouble for it. 5m55s N/A
12/06/2010 If you don't like being fondled by TSA agents, there's always the option of staying home and not going on vacations you can't afford anyway... 2m50s
11/15/2010 Buckley's not happy with the fact that he can pay a girl to play video games with him at GameCrush.com, he also wants them to be hot. What's that about having cake and eating it too? 2m30s N/A
11/8/2010 Apparently this generation thinks they can start making up new words. Why? For the same reason they think they can do anything else: They're coddled idiots. 2m18s N/A
11/8/2010 Isn't it wonderful how much easier technology has made the lives of stalkers everywhere? Buckley gives his opinion of Facebook Places. 2m44s N/A
8/31/2010 Get your new Dexter action figure at Toys R Us! Finally something to slice up your sister's Barbies with! Buckley discusses the controversy... "discusses" meaning "rants about". 2m35s
8/17/2010 Buckley discusses the similaries between Ashley Anne Kirilow, the woman who faked cancer, and everyone else in the world. 2m48s
7/12/2010 Buckley gets annoyed with people who can't/won't read coupons before attempting to use them. 2m58s
6/28/2010 Buckley is getting sick of people being "click-jacked" on Facebook. Not because he hates virus creators... but because he hates idiots who don't know how to use the internet! 2m45s
6/21/2010 Local protestors were arrested for putting up posters. Buckley shares his views on protesting which, as you can expect based on the previous 31 updates, are negative. 3m33s N/A
6/21/2010 Miley Cyrus says in a recent interview that she's "not trying to be slutty". This stuff really just writes itself... 2m43s N/A
6/11/2010 The World Cup of Soccer has begun, and Buckley gets annoyed with bandwagon jumpers cheering for countries they claim to be from. 2m23s
6/04/2010 Kristen Stewart likens having pictures taken of her to rape. Next week, she'll be doing an interview comparing not having her brand of soda at the market to genocide. 2m25s N/A
6/04/2010  Buckley believes that the people who generally comment on YouTube are bringing down the average IQ of the rest of the world, and also don't know the meaning of the word "best". 3m21s N/A
5/21/2010 Buckley wants a box of Count Chocula, but can't have one because negligent parents are letting their ugly children get fat. 2m48s
4/30/2010 Buckley makes fun of people with ADD. I'm sure they won't care, they'll forget all about it once someone starts jingling their keys or someone turns a TV on. 2m22s N/A
4/23/2010 Buckley's a big fan of Taco Bell, despite their stupid commercials featuring talking dogs and rapping white people. And though he can't help them with their advertising, he attempts to help with their service. 2m31s
4/16/2010 Bell keeps calling Buckley trying to give him a "free" cellphone. Nothing in life is free, especially not time, so, some advice on getting them to give up quickly. 2m44s
4/09/2010 An earthquake hit Baja California, Mexico last weekend, and Celebrities felt the need to have their say about it on Twitter. Now if only Celebrities weren't brain dead... 2m19s N/A
4/03/2010 Ke$ha (seriously, a dollar sign for an "S"...) recently appeared in Maxim Magazine, in an attempt to stretch her 15 minutes of fame to an even half hour.  2m18s N/A
4/02/2010 Clear your schedule, the iPad is released tomorrow in the US! Better go buy one before someone sees you with your brand new iPhone and laughs at how out of date you are. 2m47s
4/01/2010 The minimum wage in Ontario saw an increase this week to $10.25, and leave it to restaurant owners to be the ones bitching about it. 2m44s
3/19/2010 There are a lot of people out there who believe that Facebook will actually become a paysite soon. Those people don't understand the concept of thinking things through. 2m52s
3/13/2010 Though delicious, the concept of the Chinese buffet is a joke that keeps the people of China laughing at us pretty much daily. Buckley explains. 2m26s
3/05/2010 Buckley could probably create an entire website devoted to rants about terrible drivers, but you'll have to settle for one rant about people who don't stop for Ambulances. 1m32s
3/02/2010 A correction to last week's Winter Olympic recap. Buckley's man enough to admit when he makes a mistake, but really it's just another opportunity to rant (about Crosby). 1m15s N/A
2/26/2010 Buckley's not unhappy with Canada's medal count in these Winter Olympics, but as always he is unhappy about something... 2m36s
2/26/2010 Apparently educating children about how to protect against STIs is frowned upon, and abstinence is supposed to be taught? Yeah, let me know how that works out for you... 2m20s N/A
2/19/2010 Hey did you hear? There's an Olympics or something happening around here somewhere! Buckley leaves the Winter Games alone, but not the viewers! 2m17s
2/12/2010 As if drunk chicks aren't whiny enough, they're especially whiny when they "just want to go to the club and dance" without being hit on. Note: I couldn't even be bothered with a censored version... there was really no point. 1m56s N/A
2/12/2010 Dalton McGuinty is being criticized by voters for not creating as many jobs as he's promised... and voters are being criticized by Buckley for believing politicians. 2m10s
1/29/2010 A new social networking site, Blippy, launched recently. Because there really aren't enough social networking sites out there yet. 2m14s
1/22/2010 Most people don't wish slow, painful deaths or diseases on people, even if they are thieves. Buckley is not "most people". 2m06s
1/15/2010 Everyone thinks stereotypes came from the uneducated... but did they? Buckley has a different theory. 1m52s
1/08/2010 Buckley gets attacked by Forum Trolls while shilling this website. The result: more hilarious material for this website!  2m52s
1/01/2010 Buckley predicts the future with a glimpse of 2010, and what it has to offer. 2m12s
12/18/2009 The Tiger Woods saga just keeps going. But who's REALLY to blame? And will the world of golf crumble without him!? 2m14s
12/18/2009 Buckley spreads Holiday cheer with a rant about the treatment of Wal-Mart greeters by the general public 1m21s
12/11/2009 Want a job writing, but can't ever think of anything worthwhile to write? Why not write for Cosmo!? 1m28s


The London Transit Strike continues, and Buckley is not a fan of unions.